Regulations of the Distribiution of Tickets by
Eventim Sp. z o.o.

Regulations valid to July, 6th 2017.

Regulations valid from July, 7th 2017.:
§ 1 Definitions
    The terms used in these Regulations have the meanings ascribed to them below unless these Regulations expressly provide for a different meaning:
  1. Ticket – confirmation of the agreement entered into by the User, providing the User with the right to attend the Event held by the Promoter. Depending on the kind of an Event, tickets may be named tickets or tickets valid for a bearer. Whenever these Regulations point a singular form of a Ticket, it applies to plural and singular form accordingly.
  2. Ticket for persons using wheelchairs – Ticket allowing access to the designated area for a person using a wheelchair.
  3. Mobile Ticket – Ticket generated in an electronic form, HTML or Apple Wallet format, enabling its processing and storing with the use of portable electronic devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets). Mobile Ticket has an individual QR code which provides for the possibility of reading by scanning equipment.
  4. Proof of Purchase – Ticket and/or a fiscal receipt or any other document that confirms purchase of the Ticket e.g. credit card printout, e-mail confirmation.
  5. Customer Service Department – point providing the Users with information. Contact to the Customer Service Department is possible via phone or e-mail during the Business Days between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.. Tel. +48 591 83 83, e-mail: The fee for connection to the Customer Service Department is charged according to the User’s telecom operator tariff.
  6. Business Day - any day other than a Saturday, Sunday and a public holiday.
  7. Ticketdirect – also e-ticket to be printed out individually – electronically generated confirmation of the agreement entered into by the User, providing the User, upon printing, with the right to attend the Event held by the Promoter; a printed Ticketdirect bearing a bar code is tantamount to a Ticket and is governed accordingly by regulations concerning the Ticket. The User, after purchase, receives a link to generate Ticketdirect in PDF. In order to print Ticketdirect the User must be able to open the document in the file in question (and have appropriate software). Ticketdirect must be printed by the User in a clear and legible way.
  8. Eventim – Eventim sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, Al. Jerozolimskie 25, 00-508, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs maintained by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, the 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under number KRS No. 0000213454, NIP (VAT): 526-277-47-51, REGON (statistical number): 015765917, involved in the distribution of tickets for cultural and sports events via the System.
  9. Fan Ticket – Ticket with a colour layout available only for orders placed via on selected Events.
  10. Event – a cultural, sports or any other event which is held by the Promoter and for which Tickets are distributed by Eventim.
  11. Invoice – invoice in an electronic form, issued and transferred in PDF file to the User’s address as indicated by the User while purchasing the Ticket, according to § 9(5) of the Regulations.
  12. Amount due – amount that the User should finally pay after successful placement of the Ticket order. The amount consists of a price of the Ticket, the Service Fee and delivery costs depending on the option selected by the User and the cost of an additional option selected by the User in accordance with § 7. The final Amount due shall be provided to the User before order confirmation.
  13. Venue – a place where the given Event will take place.
  14. Service Fee – the fee due for the use by the User of the System at website in the amount of 3% of the sum of prices of the ordered Tickets and additional order elements selected by the User in accordance with §7
  15. Promoter – any natural or legal person or an organizational unit being the Promoter of the Event.
  16. Regulations – these Regulations concerning the distribution of tickets by Eventim.
  17. Event Rules – the rules of a specific Event determined by its Promoter.
  18. System – a computer Ticket distribution system made available by Eventim, which enables the servicing of ordering, distribution and collection of Tickets as well as returns of Tickets. Minimum technical requirements, necessary to use the System are: access to the Internet, web browser (recommended: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera) application to enable Javascript and Cookies in your browser, software to operate files in PDF format.
  19. User – any person who uses the System on and purchasing Ticket via the System.
  20. Eventim Voucher – a voucher issued for the benefit of its bearer with a unique code authorising the User to use it via the service.
  21. Own Point of Sale – a point of sale of Eventim located at Al. Jerozolimskie 25, 00-508 Warsaw (p.ZASP), or any other point of sale authorised by Eventim as specified at website.
  22. Terms and Conditions of Use of the Venue – the document prepared by the owner or manager of the Venue setting forth the rules applicable to the Users attending the Event which is to be held in the Venue available at the Promoter’s or the Venue’s website; this document may have a different name at the Promoter’s or Venue’s website.
§ 2 General Rules
  1. These Regulations apply to the distribution of the Ticket using System at
  2. The User who uses the System to purchase a Ticket accepts the terms and conditions of these Regulations.
  3. Eventim distributes the Tickets for the Events held by the Promoter and offers various other services to the Promoter connected e.g. with the organisation of the Ticket control but is not itself a Promoter of the Events. Information about the Events for which the User may purchase Tickets using the System is published at
  4. Tickets are printed and distributed in different designs of blanks:
    a) ticket with a black and white printing;
    b) ticket with a color printing;

    Tickets for the Event are printed using one or both designs, depending on the decision of the Promoter of the Event, however Tickets with a colour printing may only be available for on-line orders at The User has no choice regarding the designs of the blanks used for the Ticket. Tickets are printed on thermal paper that can be destroyed when exposed to a high temperature or direct sunlight.
  5. If the Promoter withdraws the sale of Tickets for the given Event via the System, Eventim does not guarantee the delivery of Tickets to all persons who have paid for them. If the User paid for the order and has not received the Ticket, Eventim will refund all the User’s payments made.
  6. Prior to the purchase of the Ticket at, the User is obliged to familiarise himself/herself with the Regulations and any other, additional information published by Eventim at, especially with those defined in points 7-8 below.
  7. If the Promoter has defined the Rules that apply for the given Event, the User is also to obey the Event Rules. In such case, Eventim will provide the User with Event Rules by placing it on the website of the given Event. In case of purchasing Ticket for Events to which Event Rules apply, the User accepts the Event Rules upon confirming the Order.
  8. The owner or manager of the Venue on which the Event is to be held may define the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Venue. In such a case the User is obliged to obey those rules while attending the Venue. Terms and Conditions of Use of the Venue will be available on the webpage of the Venue or on the webpage of the Promoter.
  9. If the User shall pay for the Ticket with the use of Eventim Vouchers he obtained, the Regulations on the use of Eventim Vouchers, available on, shall apply.
  10. The Promoter may display the Venue’s map in order to provide the User with an easier choice of the Ticket. Eventim points to the fact that it is not possible to provide precise representation of the technical specification of the Venue using graphic. Therefore, the maps of the Venue should be treated as a simplified, visual plan. If the Promoter implements further changes into the map of the Venue, including, in particular the change in the location of the sectors, Eventim will immediately inform the Users concerned of the changes thereto provided to it by the Promoter.
§ 3 The Stages of the Ticket Purchasing Process at
  1. The process of purchasing Tickets distributed by Eventim using the System is composed of the following stages:
    a) selection of the Event;
    b) selection of the Ticket type and category;
    c) selection of the Ticket delivery option;
    d) selection of available additional order elements;
    e) logging into the System / registration if the User has not logged before;
    f) providing / adjustment of the data needed for fulfillment of the order in particular delivery of the Ticket;
    g) selection of the method of payment for the Ticket;
    h) reviewing the order, including the Amount due and acceptance of the terms and conditions of purchase of the Ticket, including personal data processing statement for the fulfilment of the order;
    i) order confirmation by the User with the obligation to pay;
    j) confirmation of terms and conditions and order execution by Eventim by sending an email to the indicated email address.
  2. The User can create an account in the System with the use of only an e-mail address (temporary account) or by creating the full account according to § 4.
  3. Tickets for persons using wheelchairs can be purchased after contacting the Customer Service Department via helpline or e-mail address
§ 4 Logging into the System at
  1. In order to create a full account in the System, the User should provide an e-mail address and password. Next, data needed for the full account functionality should be provided, including:
    a) user name;
    b) name and surname;
    c) company name;
    d) address: street, number, postal code, city and country;
    e) date of birth;
    f) contact number.
  2. Depending on the type of the Event, in accordance with the recommendations of the Event Promoter arising from the mandatory provisions of law or principles of care for safety of the participants, Eventim may request the User to provide also other personal data necessary for the purchase of the Ticket.
  3. The User can himself/herself adjust the provided data in the System using tab “My Eventim”, however the order will be fulfilled according to the data provided by the User in the confirmed order.
  4. 4. Eventim is not liable for the User's entry of any wrong data into the System or for the adjustment of data in the System by the User, specifically the address data. In case the User notices error in the entered data after he places the order, he should contact the Customer Service Department.
§ 5 Selection of the Event and Category and Type of the Ticket
  1. Upon logging into the System, each User may purchase the Tickets for the Event selected. If the Event Rules provide for the selection of certain categories of Tickets, the User, while booking the Ticket, also selects the Ticket category. Depending on the provisions of the Event Rules, the User may purchase the number of Tickets set out on the Event’s webpage. Within the framework of the given Event the Promoter may implement limitations as regards to the number of Tickets purchased. Theseis limitations may concern, in particular, the purchase within the framework of the User’s account or within the given order, in line with the information available to the User during the order placing process at and the Promoter’s Regulations.
  2. The User is obliged to check the information in the Ticket against the information included in the order placed by the User.
  3. The possibility of placing the orders concerns the Events active in the System.
  4. The Ticket enables a one-off entry to attend the Event specified in the Ticket for the number of persons (provided that the Ticket is a bearer Ticket) or to the persons mentioned by name in the Ticket (in the case of a named Ticket). If there is no information in the Ticket as to the number of the persons allowed to enter on one occasion to attend the Event, the Ticket entitles one person to enter to attend the Event.
  5. Ticket authorises the User to take the seat indicated in the Ticket, provided it has been shown on the Ticket. Eventim and the Promoter reserve the right to change the place on the Ticket into a different one, in the same or higher price category, both before and during the Event, provided it is required for the reasons of safety, public security and other reasonable circumstances, the User should be informed about by the Promoter’s security.
§ 6 Selection of the Ticket Delivery Option for the Ticket Ordered at
  1. The Ticket, according to Users’ selection can be delivered by:
    a. post;
    b. courier;

    subject to points 2, 3 and 6 below.
  2. 2. In case of placing the order for the Ticketdirect or Mobile Ticket, the User receives an e-mail sent to the address provided during the ordering, containing a link to generate the Ticketdirect or Mobile Ticket in a PDF file and print or store the ticket on a portable electronic device of the User.
  3. Eventim stipulates that certain forms of order delivery may be impossible in case of selected Events. Such limitation may result from the time left to the Event and/or arrangements with the Promoter. If a specific delivery option is unavailable for the given Event, a relevant information will be presented at within the order placing process.
  4. Once the order is effectively placed and confirmed in line with § 9 subparagraph 2 of the Regulations, a Ticket delivery option may not be changed by the User.
  5. The Ticket will be delivered to the User by the entity selected by the User. The delivery time and costs of delivery of the Ticket depend on the Ticket delivery option selected by the User. In case of the User selecting the Ticket delivery described in point 1 a) said delivery time will be maximum 14 business says from the date of receipt by Eventim of the funds according to § 8 subparagraph 5 herein below and in case of an option provided for in point 1 b) said delivery time will be maximum 14 business days from the date of receipt by Eventim of the funds according to § 8 subparagraph 5 herein below. In case of the User not receiving the Ticket in due time, the User should immediately contact the Customer Service Department.
  6. If, for the given Event, the collection of the Ticket immediately prior to the Event or in the Own Point of Sale is possible, it will be each time displayed with the description of the given Event. In order to provide proper security for the Users and reducing risk of Ticket being picked up by unauthorized persons, the Tickets will be issued upon providing the following data:
    a) the order number;
    b) name and surname;
    c) collection code (provided in an e-mail confirming the order);
    d) 4 digits of the credit card, if the User has paid for the Ticket by the credit card.

    The User shall additionally provide his/her identity document.
  7. The User is obliged to protect the account credentials and data of his/her order.
  8. If the User authorises a third party to collect the Ticket, such third party must know: the number of the order, the identification code, the last 4 digits of the credit card, the name and surname provided in the order and/or the e-mail address for the purposes of logging in at and must be in possession of an authorisation in writing (TEMPLATE). Eventim shall not be held liable in case the person authorized by the User loses, destroys, or will not transfer the Ticket to the User or will use the Ticket in a way unauthorized by the User.
§ 7 Selection of additional order elements
  1. In addition the User may order available additional order elements, to be found at the end of the order, i.e. a gift in the form of the Ticket jacket. Upon the Ticketdirect and Mobile Ticket purchase the User may not order a gift in the form of the Ticket jacket.
  2. Upon the selection of the additional option the price thereof shall appear which will be included in the Amount due at the end of the order.
§ 8 Selection of the Mode of Payment for the Ticket at
  1. The User may pay for the Ticket by:
    a. bank transfer;
    b. via Dotpay (according to the Rules of Dotpay);
    c. using an Eventim Voucher;
    d. Visa or Euro/MasterCard credit card.

    Any potential costs related to the payment for the Ticket in a manner set forth in this provision of the Regulations shall be borne by the User.
  2. For given Events instalment option may be available via Dotpay according to the regulations of Dotpay (LINK). In such a case the appropriate information will be each time provided to the User with the given Event.
  3. Eventim shall charge a Service Fee on each order placed via the System for the use of the System by the User in the process of purchasing the Ticket.
  4. Eventim stipulates that certain modes of payment may be unavailable for certain Events. Limitations in this respect may result from the time remaining until the date when the Event is to take place and/or terms and conditions provided by the Promoter. All information regarding available methods of payment for the Tickets will be presented on the website of the given Event.
  5. The amount due resulting from the order shall be paid in full immediately after placing the order, within the time set out on the webpage depending on the selected mode of payment. In the event of payment:
    a. by bank transfer, the payment must be made no later than 3 days after the date of placing the order;
    b. by credit card or by electronic transfer, the payment should be made within the time-limit specified during the order placement process.
    c. by Eventim Voucher – Voucher code should be entered upon placing an order.

    Payment for a specific order may be made in whole or in part by means of the Voucher. If only part of the order value is paid using Eventim Voucher, the rest should be paid for with the use of another chosen method, in accordance with the points a) or b) above.
  6. When making a payment, the subject of the bank transfer should provide data which was presented at when placing an order, namely the order number. The User may not pay for multiple orders with one transfer.
  7. Payments with MasterCard and Visa are processed by our parent company CTS EVENTIM CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA, Contrescarpe 75 A, 28195 Bremen, Germany.
§ 9 Completion of the Ticket Purchase
  1. After selecting the Even, type of the Ticket, method of payment and delivery option of the Ticket, the User is obliged to accept the terms and conditions of the Ticket purchase, check the data entered into the System by the User and confirm the will to complete the order by selecting “Order with the obligation to pay”. After the Ticket purchase terms and conditions are approved, Eventim shall send a confirmation to the User that the order has been placed and the agreement has been concluded and this confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the User.
  2. The Agreement is deemed to be concluded after the order confirmation with obligation to pay by the User.
  3. Lack of payment in due time, according to § 8 point 5, will be equal to User withdrawal from the agreement and such an order will be automatically cancelled.
  4. In case of order cancelation according to point 3 above, there is no option to restore the order and the User can only place another order. In such case Eventim is not able to guarantee that selected tickets will still be available. In case the money was received after the time defined in § 8 point 5, the User will be entitled to a refund of the transferred amount.
  5. 5. If the User wishes to receive an invoice for the purchased Ticket, he should, within 7 days of payment make a request for the invoice to be issued at the following e-mail address: If the User has already received the Ticket, in order to obtain the invoice the User must send the original receipt together with the request to: Eventim, Dział Obsługi Klienta (Customer Service Department), Aleje Jerozolimskie 25, 00-508 Warsaw with an annotation PARAGON.
  6. Eventim is entitled to cancel the order in the situation where:
    a. the User has made the payment using stolen credit cards;
    b. the User has made the payment using Eventim Voucher acquired in the manner which has not been authorised (i.e. otherwise than by purchasing it via the System);
    c. the User has offered the Ticket for resale;
    d. the Ticket was purchased via the service, store or commercial platform that has not been authorised by Eventim or Promoter.
    e. the Ticket has not been paid for within the time-limit specified in §8 point 5;

  7. In the instances specified above in Section 3 points a-d, Eventim shall be authorised to report the incident to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

  8. In accordance with Article 38 (12) of the Law on protection of consumer rights (Journal of Laws No. 2014.827) the User is not entitled to withdraw from the agreement.
§ 10 Cancellation, Change of Time, Venue and Programme of the Event, Refund of Ticket Price
  1. A Ticket purchased in the manner described in the Regulations does not entitle the User to a refund or exchange for a different Ticket, except in the case of cancellation of the Event, change of its date or venue. In case of Event cancelation, change of the date or change of the venue, the User will be allowed to change the Ticket for another one or to get a refund of the money according to the provisions of § 10.
  2. If the Event is cancelled or its programme, time, venue changed, Eventim will immediately inform the Users thereof by placing an appropriate information at the Additionally, the Users may be informed by e-mail.
  3. In the event of a situation referred to in § 10 (2) above, in order to get a refund of the money, the User is obliged to send to the address set out in point 5 below, valid data to be used for the purpose of the bank transfer (RETURN FORM), the Proof of Purchase and the original Ticket together with additional order elements e.g. a gift jacket. In the event the Client wishes to keep the gift jacket received in relation to an event that has been cancelled, then the costs of purchase of the gift jacket will be deducted upon refund. In the case of the Ticketdirect or Mobile Ticket purchase the filled in form of return should be sent by e-mail to:, however the print of the Ticketdirect should not be sent by post. If the Proof of Purchase is lost, the User is obliged to fill in and send a statement to Eventim confirming the loss of the Proof of Purchase the template of which is available at ( LINK).
  4. Returns of the Tickets for a cancelled Event are accepted by Eventim within the term set out by Eventim, not earlier however than 30 days from the date of announcement, exclusively in places of their purchase. However, Eventim stipulates that in such a case, for the needs of calculation of the period referred to in the preceding sentence, it will use the date of delivery of the Ticket by the User. In case of Ticket being sent back via post, the date of dispatch to the address specified in point 5 below will be used.
  5. If the Ticket was purchased at, it should be returned to the following address: Eventim Sp. z o.o., Al. Jerozolimskie 25, 00-508 Warsaw.
  6. The refund of the money for the purchase of the Ticket will be made by bank transfer or as a refund to the credit card immediately, however not later than within 14 days of the date on which Eventim receives all data referred to in Points 3, 4 above, depending on the method of payment selected by the User. The User can also state the desired bank account on the Return Form.
  7. The Event Promoter may determine the rules and dates for returning Tickets (in case of cancellation or a change of the date or venue of the Event) other than those specified in this paragraph, with which the User will be able to familiarise himself through information published at The information about the change of the return of the Tickets procedure in case of the Event cancellation, the User will be informed also while placing an order through the System.
§ 11 Complaint procedure
  1. All complaints should be reported by the User to the Customer Service Department via e-mail address: or by registered letter sent to the registered office of the company: 00-508 Warsaw, Jerozolimskie 25. Complaints shall be considered within 14 days from the date of their receipt.
  2. In order to simplify the complaint process, Eventim complaint form is used, its correct completion provides the data needed to resolve complaint in a fast way ( FORM OF COMPLEINT).
  3. Complaints can be reported in working hours of the Customer Service Department, i.e. during weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  4. If the Ticket is delivered illegible, damaged, defective or incompatible with the order, the User should immediately notify Eventim, in the manner provided for in point 1 above. Upon receiving such a complaint Eventim will every time contact the User in order to arrange the transfer of the Eventim Proof of Purchase and deliver a new Ticket to the User. The above is dependent on the type of Event and the time that remained to it
  5. In case the User receives a Ticket or additional options referred to in § 7 incompatible with the order, the User should send the Ticket together with the additional order elements to the following address: Eventim, Al. Jerozolimskie 25, 00-508 Warsaw, together with the Proof of Purchase in order to have it replaced.
  6. 6. In case the User damages the Ticket, the Ticket gets lost or stolen, the User can contact Eventim with a request for a duplicate of the Ticket. In this case, the original Ticket will be cancelled. In order to obtain a duplicate of the Ticket, the User should send the completed and signed form to Eventim e-mail or to the address: Eventim Sp. z o.o. Al. Jerozolimskie 25, 00-508 Warsaw (TEMPLATE FORM). The cost of issue of a duplicate shall be PLN 10.00 gross. The cost of issue and delivery of the duplicate shall be charged to the User, (options to be defined by the User), the payments are to be made to the bank account indicated by the Eventim employee. Request for a duplicate according to the procedure described above can be placed during hours of operation of the Customer Service Department, i.e. on a Business Day between the hours 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.. In case of late occurrence of the conditions for issuing a duplicate, the User should contact the Eventim staff directly before the Event, provided Eventim also provides support for the Event.
  7. In case of need to replace the Ticket, reprint, issue a duplicate or a new Ticket, the new Ticket/duplicate will be of the black-and-white print.
§ 12 Liability
  1. 1. The User should signal to Eventim any irregularities in the operation of the System. Eventim shall not be liable for any temporary unavailability of the System, if such unavailability results from technical reasons or circumstances which Eventim cannot influence and which are beyond Eventim's control (force majeure).
  2. In case of Event cancelation by Promoter, Eventim is obliged to refund the amount for the Ticket according to regulations in §10 above.
  3. Eventim shall not be liable where the Ticket has been sent to the wrong address or where the message containing the information about the order or the cancelled concert has been sent to the wrong e-mail address, provided that the data have been entered by the User.
  4. Eventim reserves the right to check the data contained in a ticket issued with the name specified in it purchased from Eventim against the data of the person using this ticket in terms of their compliance. Eventim makes it clear that if there is any doubt indicating that the data of the person using the Ticket is not the same as the data included in the Ticket, it has the right to demand that an identity document be produced by the person using the Ticket for reviewing purposes. Eventim stipulates that if it transpires that the data in the ticket is different from the data of the person using the Ticket, it is entitled to refuse the right of entry to such a person to attend the event for which the ticket was purchased.
§ 13 Protection of Personal Data
  1. Pursuant to the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997 (Dz.U.2016.922 j.t.), Eventim Sp. z o.o., with registered office at Al. Jerozolimskie 25, 00–508 Warsaw, is the personal data controller.
  2. The User agrees to the processing of his/her personal data by Eventim as well as by the entities being members of the capital group of CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA and entities related to CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA on capital or personnel basis (provided that the User expressed such consent by, for example, registering his account at in order for the booking and sale of the Ticket to be carried out and for handling returns and complaints. The User also consents to the processing and transferring of his/her personal data to the entities co-operating with Eventim in the sale of Tickets and the entities involved in the organisation of Events. Eventim, as well as entities being members of CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA capital group and entities related to CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA on personnel or capital basis, may also process the User's personal data for marketing purposes in connection with the sale of Tickets for the Events, for example, in connection with the delivery of newsletters with information on current and planned Events, provided that the User has given consent thereto.
  3. The User consents to placing his/her personal data on the Ticket purchased by him/her, such as his/her first name, surname, PESEL (personal identification number), ID number and other data if required for the safety of the Event and if agreed upon with the Event Promoter. In such cases this information will be visible in the description of the Event.
  4. The User may, at any time, inspect his/her personal data and demand its removal by Eventim, as well as by the entities being members of CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA capital group and the entities related to CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA on personnel or capital basis
§ 13 Other Provisions
  1. Any matters not regulated in these Regulations are governed by applicable provisions of the Polish Civil Code.
  2. The Regulations which are in force as at the date of the relevant order placement shall apply to all the issues related to that order.
  3. In case of any disputes with the User, the dispute is to be settled by a common court having jurisdiction in accordance with the legal regulations in effect.

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